Where  Can  I  Serve?


God has given each of us unique spiritual gifts to help build the church and extend his love and compassion to a needy world.

The Church is described in the Bible as Christ's Body by the Apostle Paul. Each part of the Body plays the role it has been designed for. No part can be ignored and nor part eliminated. Everyone is important for the Body to be used the way God has intended. We hope you will consider serving at Cooks Hill Community Church using your gifts and talents to help build the church and serve the needs of the entire body.

Serving is a great way to connect, meet new people, and use your gifts and talents in ministry. There are roles for people with a variety of time availability from a few minutes per week to a few hours. When everyone is serving with the right heart in the right role at the right time with the right spiritual gifts, we all can sit back and watch the Holy Spirit do a mighty work in and through us!

To get more information on an area of ministry
simply click on the title below (which will open an email)
and let us know what you are interested in and the
ministry leader will be contacting you shortly.

Feel free to contact as many areas of ministry that you would like to ask questions about their ministry and their needs.

  • CHILDREN'S MINISTRY - Do you like holding babies, coloring, playing games with children, or helping children to grow in their relationship with Christ? If so, then this area of ministry is for you.

  • YOUTH MINISTRY - Be a part of helping students reach the next level in their personal relationships with Christ.

        ADULT MINISTRY - We place a high value on helping people get connected. It is a          fact that unless an individual makes a relational connection with other people, they  

        will soon move on to other things. Become a part of something far bigger and way

        more significant than you could have every thought possible - get connected!


        ADMINISTRATION -  If you are gifted in the office this could be a great fit for you.


In order to protect our children, those volunteering to serve in Nursery Ministry, Children's Ministry, and Youth Ministry will need to complete a background check before they can begin serving.

Sunday Mornings

  • SOUND/COMPUTER/VIDEO & STREAMING - This is the area for you if you like to use your specialized skills in multi-media, production, and technology to help make an impact in a creative and relevant way. If you have a heart for service and a desire to learn, we will do the rest.

  • Fellowship - Is 'Serving' one of your spiritual gifts? Do you like working behind the scenes? If so, maybe this is the area for you. Our Fellowship Team serves coffee and cookies on Sunday mornings following 1st and 2nd services.

  • Worship Team - The Worship Team at Cooks Hill is designed to provide our members a place to serve God using their God-given musical abilities. We would love for you to join us in dramatically communicating the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

Other Areas

  • Missions - Do you have a passion to reach the unreached? When you hear reports of God's work around the world, do you long to participate in a greater way? So do we and we would love to have you join our Missions Team.

  • Properties - Ever been referred to as a handyman? Do you like fixing things? If so, this may be your area of interest. Our properties volunteers keep the building in good condition which allows the church to be a blessing to its members and friends through weekly worship, Sunday School classes, adult education, midweek programs, and youth activities.

  • Greeters - Greeters play a vital role in welcoming every person who comes in the doors of Cooks Hill Community Church. If you’re outgoing and love interacting with lots of people, ushering/greeting is for you!