Our Mission Statement

Developing fully devoted disciples for Jesus Christ

through transformational worship, community and service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a body of believers and followers of Christ who are connected in ministry to our secular community, whose building facilities are in continual use meeting needs of our community. To be a people of great faith and dependence upon God dreaming large enough that it exceeds our means and must be blessed by God to succeed. To be a place where lives are changed and restored. To be a people who understand the dynamic strength of prayer and depend thereon. To be a place where children and families are nurtured and introduced to an intimate, surrendered life with Christ. Where they learn life sustaining values and principles and support to survive in a hostile culture. We desire a balanced ministry to all ages. The growing number of older folk are a great opportunity for specialized ministry. We want to be in support of a witness around the world involving as many individuals as possible. We see growth to be a natural response to this and would not limit God to a particular size but envision a body of at least 400-500 all of whom are committed to our vision. Our vision is to complete the master plan for our property.

Our Core Values


We want to have an atmosphere that invites all people from all walks of life. Every person can find a place to belong at Cooks Hill. 


We desire to be a place of true community. A place that protects and provides for the needs of everyone. A place of safety and sanctuary. 


We desire to extend grace as a regular way of life. A place where critical attacks would be the exception and not rule. We all need grace and forgiveness. May Cooks Hill be a place where anyone can find acceptance and love while on the journey of life in Christ. 


Everything we do is as unto the Lord, therefore excellence is the standard that guides all ministry. 


We want to let the gospel be relevant to the culture that we are trying to reach. The word of God encompasses all generations and cultures. We do not have to make the word of God relevant - it is already relevant. We must communicate it in relevant ways. 


We never want to be an ingrown congregation of believers. We want to be focused on pouring ourselves out in ministry to believers and unbelievers alike. Lay people and pastors alike are ministers.


Scripture says that unless the Lord build His house the laborers labor in vain. We believe in the supernatural working of God through the efforts of ordinary people who are surrendered completely to God and His will. 


All that we do must be in agreement with Scripture which is our authority.